Industrial coatings.

No ifs, no buts.
From A to Z.
For every type of surface.

We deliver perfect results to our customers. In flawlessly organised processes and all in one, as part of a comprehensive package. Supported by our experts as reliable trusted partners at every stage. We process every kind of surface, primarily for the automotive, rail and aviation industries, and offer both automated and manual painting services. We also offer coating technologies if desired.

Attaining perfection,
step by step.


A flawless surface is the be-all and end-all of perfect paintwork. We use grinding, sandblasting and the washing plant for optimum pre-treatment. The pre-treatment is done with plasma and by plasma robot.


LAC Berger offers you individual painting of small batches as well as large series. Depending on your requirements, we use the following painting processes:

  • Wet painting
    LAC Berger is one of the few specialists for wet painting in the industry and can draw on many years of experience in this field

  • Robotic painting
    For a high degree of process reliability thanks to its repetition accuracy

  • Interlinked painting with conveyor system

  • Hand painting
    By spray or wet painting for colour-true small batches

Quality check

We have our own laboratory for quality checks and an internal quality management allows us to guarantee top quality across all processes.

Our testing methods include:

  • Cross cut

  • Surface testing

  • Painting testing

  • Destructive measures of the surface

  • Layer thickness measurement

Research & Development

In a dynamic world, it is important to keep your finger on the pulse of time. That's why innovative thinking is so important to us: our R&D team constantly tests new materials and the influence of painting in our own research facilities. This knowledge flows directly into the work of LAC Berger.

We also develop new procedures and processes to meet special requirements of our customers, according to our credo: “We develop the right system for your requirements.”


Once your materials and components have been coated in line with our top quality standards, the post-treatment or drying process begins.

After a final inspection by our quality team, only absolutely flawless products are transferred to the packaging, shipping and logistics departments to take their place as a custom-fit part in your production chain.